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Resume 2024


Knowledge opens doors. The more one learns, the more they can discover and innovate. Continuous learning leads to greater success and new opportunities.



Advertising Design (BA)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
(2017 – 2019)
Associate in Design
(Advertising Design)
Hong Kong Community College
(2015 – 2017)




Throughout my academic and professional career, I have demonstrated a strong passion for learning and personal growth. I am constantly seeking out new challenges and opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills.

I believe that every experience and every encounter is a chance to learn something new,
and I take every opportunity to do so. Having a diverse range of knowledge and skills
can benefit me in the long run.

I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my future endeavors.

April Muses Ltd.
Designer | Marketing Executive | Web Developer (Part-Time)
(2023/09/30 – Present)

・ UI/UX Design
・ Website Developing
・ Graphic Design
・ Marketing Research
・ Creative Thinking
・ Copywriting

I am responsible for UI/UX design, website development, graphic design, marketing research, creative thinking, and copywriting. This multifaceted position required versatility and creativity, enabling me to contribute to various aspects of digital marketing projects.
APEX Solutions Ltd.
UI/UX Designer | Digital Marketing Executive
(2021/02/08 – 2023/09/30)

・ UI Design (Website / APP / System)
・ Website Developing
・ Graphic Design
・ Animation Design
・ Marketing Research
・ Creative Thinking
・ SEO Setting
・ Copywriting

I worked at this IT company specializing in building websites and marketing planning for clients. My role involved UI design for websites, apps, and systems, website development. This position allowed me to develop a comprehensive skill set in both design and digital marketing.
BLESS (Fine Goal Limited)
Sales & Marketing Executive
(2020/11/02 – 2021/02/02)

・ Graphic Design
・ Animation Design
・ Marketing Planning
・ Copywriting

In this short-term position, I combined graphic and animation design with marketing planning and copywriting. My responsibilities included creating engaging visuals and developing marketing strategies to promote the company’s products, which helped me refine my design and strategic thinking skills.
The Kitchen Ltd.
Intern Designer
(2018/06/19 – 2018/08/22)

・ Design Web Banners
・ Copywriting
・ Casting Directing

As a summer intern at an advertising agency, I designed web banners, wrote copy, and model casting for various projects. This role allowed me to gain hands-on experience in a fast-paced environment, enhancing my skills in both design and content creation.
Jing Mei Management Ltd.
Graphic Designer (Part-Time)
(2017/07/24 – 2017/08/31)

・ Design & Renew leaflets
・ Design Print Ads
・ Design for “Home Delights Expo”

During a summer part-time position, I was responsible for designing and renewing leaflets, creating print advertisements, and designing promotional materials for the “Home Delights Expo.” My role required a keen eye for detail and an ability to quickly adapt to the company’s branding needs.



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